Acoustic ceiling and wall tiles are used in residential, commercial as well as industrial purposes to soundproof the room. Acoustical tiles when applied on the ceiling and the walls of a room act as covering and provide a layering and this is how ceiling and wall acoustic tiles serve the purpose of soundproofing the room where they are used. Since, the main purpose served by acoustical tiles is to reduce the noise levels in a room; some fibrous material is added to them so that they can better absorb the sound when used in soundproofing and acoustical treatments. This is the reason why acoustical tiles are different from the regular wall and floor covering tiles available in the market. The acoustical tiles are manufactured using specialized materials such as wood or metal.

Types of Acoustic Ceiling and Wall Tiles

There are various kinds of ceiling and wall acoustic tiles available in the market in different forms. You can choose the one which best suits your requirements. The most popular tiles products are the ones that can be suspended from a grid arrangement present on the ceiling of the room. The other type of product is the one which can easily be added on directly to the existing ceiling of the room or surface of a wall. However, all these different types of acoustical ceiling and wall tiles work in same manner. They make the surfaces in the room smoother thus helping in bringing down the echo and noise level which a hard surface would otherwise produce.

Acoustic Ceiling And Wall Tiles Offering Effective Noise Control Solutions

Soundproofing ceiling tiles are known for offering effective soundproofing solutions in auditoriums, religious places, recording studios and various other places. However, when ceiling and wall acoustic tiles are used in residential projects, the main aim is generally to soundproof a particular room in the house. For example, these days having home theater room in a house is very common as people love to enjoy watching movies in realistic environment with volume set at comparatively higher levels. To ensure that the loud sounds do not create inconvenience to other family members present in the house and also to neighbors, people choose ceiling and wall acoustical tiles. Likewise, in multi- story buildings, these acoustical tiles offer a great deal of help in keeping the sound go out from one floor to another.

Acoustical tiles when used for the purpose of maximizing the sound quality while the building is being constructed are known to offer best results. They also help in minimizing the unwanted exterior noises by not allowing them inside the room. To learn more about different types of acoustical tiles and other soundproofing materials, you can visit Himalyan Acoustics which is a leading manufacturer of acoustic ceiling and wall tiles.