6 October 2016


Providing and supplying Himalyan Acoustics 'APHONY CORTEX' Wall Panels made of Wood Fibre cement composites 25mm thick and covered with Acoustically Transparent Fabric on the front side, with an option of colours as per the choice of the Architect/ person in charge of size 1200X600 mm. Acoustic Insulation as per ISO:354-1985 and ASTM 423-90 a, meets the stringent fire ratings ASTMD- 876 , weather resistant as per IS 3308 ,Thermal Insulation as per IS:3346-1980. Conforms to EN 13168-2001.To be installed with Himalyan Acoustics H profile fixed on Himalyan Acoustics G.I studs 3660mm X 50mm(knurled) , web 25mm and flanges 10mm , giving it high strength, hot dipped galvanized steel with 120GSM zinc coating specially designed for Acoustic vibration management and long life.


1200 x 600 mm, 600x600 mm
Thickness 25mm
STC Rating 49
Edge Profile H Groove
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
0.75 0.96 0.95 0.83 0.72 0.66
Fire Rating Tested as per ASTMD -876
Density 400-500 kg/m33
Mass Per Unit Area 11 Kg/M2
Deflection Test Yes (As per IS: 3308-1981)
Thermal Conductvity 0.182 w/m.k
Bending Strength 2118KPa
Compressive Strength 1233 Kpa at 10% deflection
Deflection Test Yes (As per IS: 3308-1981)
Water Resistance No detioration
Shades / Colours Click here to get Unlimited shades in special acoustical colours
Technical Specifications
Tiles Box Size



Tiles size




40 Ft2

1200 X 600 mm

44 Kg



28 Ft2

600 x 600 mm

30.5 Kg

Cross Sectional Drawing: 

Aphony Cortex (25 MM) Spl