10 January 2017


Providing Himalyan Acoustics Cement Fibre Tile 595x595x5mm with square edge density 1050kg/m3 covered with fabric onHimalyan acoustics 'Elegant Fabric the front side and Accounstics Fibre on the back side, thus making it acoustically absorbtive, water resistance, fire resistant as per IS 1734, NRC upto 0.71 at 100 Hz tested as per ISO 354. The tiles are anti-sag and are to be installed on T24 grid system of 0.6mm thick, main 'T' length minimum 3000mm, web minimum 35mm to be placed at 600mm centre to centre and secondary cross 'T' of length 600mm, web minimum 35mm, inter-locked, Wire Support for Main T to be taken at every 1200mm length wise and 600mm width wise, Specially designed for Acoustic Vibration management and long life.

Sizes 595x595mm x 6mm
Thickness 6mm
Edge Profile Square, Tegular
NRC upto 0.71 at 100Hz
Fire Rating ASTMD-876, Self Extinguishing
Density 1050 Kg/M3
Eco-Friendly Yes (As per IEC-62321, EDI (III/54/CDV) EPA 3540C)
Moisture Resitant Water/Environmental test/at 60 celsius with 90% RH No. deterioration