I would love to share with you few useful tips to improve sound insulation in a conservatory. You may know that a conservatory is basically a room with roof and walls made of glass and is typically used as a sunroom or a greenhouse. In earlier times, conservatory was used as a music room, however these days people use it for whatever they like it for. It lets you enjoy the outdoors without having to bear uneasy weather. 

I started on my journey to know more about soundproofing a conservatory, few months back, when we shifted to a new house that has a little conservatory attached to it. On seeingA Guide To Improving Sound Insulation In A Conservatory this room having its roof and walls made of glass, an idea to use it as a meditation room and also to practice music instantly clicked my mind. I got so excited thinking that I had found a place away from the noises produced from TV or music system. Of course, I did not want to trouble my neighbors with the unwanted noises going out of my music room. So, I started searching out for soundproofing and insulation techniques.

What I found that the conventional techniques of sound insulation cannot be used as they do not offer desired results in a conservatory. For example, using foam which is a good insulating material cannot be used in a glass room as it will go against the aesthetics. However it is possible to cut off the sound coming in and going out the conservatory to a great extant.

Then I searched on the internet to find out solutions and luckily I was able to find some nice and easy to implement sound proofing solutions for my conservatory which helped not only maintaining its nice looks but also helped in minimizing the noises. The best technique is using the polycarbonate as insulating materials. It can be used on the roofs and the walls as well. The other advantage of using polycarbonate is that it is affordable and durable. The other sound insulating technique is using layered glazing. Well, it is expensive as compared to polycarbonate but can provide better results as enables to you use the room year around by ensuring improved energy efficiency.

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