Himalyan Acoustics


Blood Pressure, Annoyance, Hypertension, Anxiety, Blood Pressure, Sleep Deprivation, Stress, Heart Diseases, Breach in privacy, Hearing loss, Poor communication, Less Efficiency

Improves health and well being, Spiritual Healing, Reduces Stress, Reduces Hypertension, Reduces Miscommunication, Reduces Heart Diseases, Reduces Distraction, Improves Speech clarity, Improves Communication, Increases Concentration, Improves Listening, Productive Learning , Productive Working Environments, Complying with building norms, Improves Entertainment

Bad Sound Behavior Suggested Acoustic Treatments Sound Measurements
echo / reverberation absorption NRC / RT & STI
inaudibility diffusion RT & STI 
noise insulation STC /  DB 
Vibrations & noise isolation STC / Vibration Management, DB & SPL 

NRC – Noise reduction Coefficient the term to measure the absorption value of the product is called NRC.

RT – Reverberation Time / is the time taken by sound energy to die down.

STI – Speech Transmission Index / is a measure of speech intelligibility and quality of the transmission of speech. in a certain acoustic environment.

STC – Sound Transmission Class / the term to measure the blocking value of the product is called STC.

SPL – Sound Pressure Level / is the pressure level of a sound, measured in decibels (dB).

DB – Decibel Levels / a unit used to measure the intensity of a sound or the power level of an electrical signal by comparing it with a given level

Vibration – refers to the wave of sound transmitted by the vibration of the pronunciation of air or characteristic material.

Hz –Hertz / is the term to measure frequencies.


You can request samples here or contact your local representative directly.
If you don’t have a representative, then you can either request a sample online or send us an email at sales@kpaiindia.com. We will be happy to support you from our head office in Dharampur, Himachal Pradesh, India.

A Indian company, make HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS Acoustic Wood Fiber products. Founded in 2005 by Mr.Mohit Munshi. The company has a long history of making boards and panels from cement bound wood fiber. Their factory is located in Dharampur in north of India.

HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS is a global supplier of our acoustical products. We deliver globally from our wood fiber factory.
We produce at order so you can order any quantity and combination of shape and color you desire. The design options are endless and you can personalize any installation.
Due to high demand, we wish you to please contact HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS at sales@kpaiindia.com for more information.

HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS Acoustic Wood Fiber (walls and ceiling) Production starts once you confirm your order from HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS. Please contact us for information about the current production lead time.



Yes, it’s possible for us to produce custom shapes. There will be a custom shape charge added to the cost and the price per sqm/tile will be higher than our standard collections.

For a quote, please send a drawing and the quantity required to: sales@kpaiindia.com

Yes. We can deliver Himalyan Acoustic Wood Fiber in it’s raw form. The result is an acoustic tile or panel that carries the natural look of spruce wood.

With great care, it is possible to repaint HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS Wood fiber tiles and panels. We recommend spray painting to maintain their acoustic performance.

Yes, If the custom color covers less than 100 m2, there will be an extra charge.  If the custom color covers more than 100 m2, there will be no extra charge. HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS has wide range in our standard palette – see our color scheme for more details.

Yes, it’s possible for us to produce custom shapes within the maximum dimensions. There will be a custom shape charge added to the cost and the price per sqm/tile will be higher than our standard collections. For a quote, please send a drawing and the quantity required to sales@kpaiindia.com

Yes, we have In House R&D, Product Design Team along with Sound Engineers who help create a design as per your parametric requirement.


We recommend light cleaning using a vacuum cleaner if the materials are dusty. Should vacuum-cleaning prove insufficient, you can wipe the panels using a damp cloth. Cleaning liquids may be used as advised by our After Works team, please contact our team for further and detailed maintenance and care instructions and guidance.

Yes. HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS Acoustic Wood Fiber are cement bonded that makes it an all weather product and is also Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal & Termite Resistant and  therefore is suitable for sensitive environments like schools or hospitals.

It is possible to vacuum clean the material or dry it with a cloth.

Yes. HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS Wood Fiber products are made from three natural materials: wood fiber, water and cement.

All Himalayan Acoustic Products are backed with high quality certifications tested at the best laboratories, that makes it high on performance.

Products are certified to the best standards of FIRE, RH, LR, SOUND, FUNGAL, BACTERIA, GREEN and many more.

Please feel free to contact your local representative or our centralized team to help you with the certifications.

The combination of wood fibre and cement makes the material hard and durable. Surface damages due to impact can easily be covered with good result using touch up paint.

Yes, HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS Wood Fiber is moisture-resistant and the high pH-value of products discourages mold or mildew, making it rot resistant.

HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS products are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pool areas. When using HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS products in shower rooms, tiles or panels should only be mounted on the ceiling and not on the walls.


HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS supplier selection process follows a rigid and detailed qualification procedure with the ambition to find long term partners. HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS’s main objective with suppliers goes beyond finding suppliers that can deliver our products. Instead, we seek long term partners that share the HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS vision and are able to shape the future together with us.

We build lasting relationships with our partners and collaboratively develop successful products. We work hard together, constantly striving to push the boundaries in sustainability, creativity, productivity, service levels and so on.

Sustainability and environmental questions are always one of the first key criteria’s we look for. As a result, we always go beyond our suppliers to understand their sub-suppliers and the root source of all materials sourced, in order to make sure we can offer our customers the lowest possible environmental impact across the whole material chain.

Among other things this means that they have to prevent child labor, secure non-discrimination, compensate their workers with reasonable wages, and provide safe and healthy work environments and much more.

We aim to create the lowest possible environmental impact across our whole material chain – from the original raw material to production, delivery, installation, usage and recycling or re-usage of products.

We continue to make progress and continuous improvements towards this goal.

Furthermore, we aim for climate neutrality across our entire business; from raw materials, to manufacturing, office environment and transportation.

HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS Wood Fiber products are mounted with screws can be easily removed and reused. If the recommended amount of glue is used to glue HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS products to a wall, it is sometimes possible to remove the small tiles, but please be careful.

Unpainted products without adhesive on the back can be ground down and reused as ballast, filling material or a moisture absorbent layer for a running track etc.

Yes, HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS Fiber is a sustainable product. It is developed from natural, environmentally friendly materials and it has a long lifetime.

HIMALYAN ACOUSTICS products contain three natural ingredients: wood fiber, water, and cement. All are sourced and produced in Himachal Pradesh, India.

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To join our Group, fill in the data and send us your curriculum
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